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We specialize in developing new and ground-breaking scientific and technological projects in Europe and beyond. This ensures that we have seen substantial growth in results and in number of projects during 2018. We anticipate that this growth will also increase exponentially in 2019


Company History

Our company was founded in the year 2008 in Amsterdam - Netherlands near the river Amstel by Cemal Harun ARAL under the name Win-tech international. In the early years, the company focused on new and creative technologies such as digital platforms, internet, smart software, electric vehicle technologies, Nano technological chemistry and the like. After several projects and the associated trademarks were sold successfully, we were able to lay a solid foundation for new investments and projects. Recently, we welcomed a number of new partners and investors in our midst, and shortly thereafter we named the company "Amstel Science". Our strength lies in the development of new and ground-breaking scientific and technological projects in Europe and beyond and this is accompanied by an exponential growth of both our result, our team and the number of ongoing projects in 2018. In 2019 this trend promises to continue.


Is a high technological coolant obtained by Nano technological manipulation and is designed for the crypto currency mining industry by the Amstelscience team having more than 2 years’ experience with this material. The coolant ensures that the crypto mining servers can deliver a much higher performance, regardless of the climate in the region where these servers are located. By LIQ8 coolant and the systems that can be installed by our team, you can obtain top performance of the servers in the climatically hottest places in the world. Each electronic component is submerged in LIQ8 liquid and therefore protected from external factors for many years. The main advantage of LIQ8 is that it has been designed to provide a high cooling capacity in the most diverse atmospheric conditions, providing low energy consumption. This technology was already patented product of Amstel Science.

LIQ8 cooling

LIQ8 Cooling is the solution in which the LIQ8 coolant is used in a complete server housing solution and this offers important high-tech advantages for IT Technical companies, with available special designs for Crypto Mining and Data Centres that have very high cooling requirements.




Asics Chip design

"Amstel Science" knows the technological needs of the crypto mining sector like no other and is already well advanced in the development of high technology chips, which will guarantee even higher performance and lower energy consumption in the near future.



Personalised Miner design

By using the best Asics chips on the market, we design turnkey crypto miners according to your needs and your investment, offering you significant benefits for both the energy consumption and physical dimensions of these miners. For example, we offer Asics miner solutions with a single machine up to 8 PH.

Blockchain projects

In Turkey, joint efforts have been made in collaboration with many federal states to digitize the public services and security of these services by Blockchain technologies. In addition, our company has also developed new Blockchain projects such as telecom payment systems and the like.

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